I have always believed in quality over quantity and a well balanced life. I love to spend my days working with my photography clients, and my evenings playing with my family.

I am a health nut who loves wine, sushi, and yoga, and I am always looking for ways to live a more purposeful, relaxed and meaningful life. I am a technology loving computer and camera nerd, and I equally love disconnecting to focus on nature for a good hike with my dogs.

I love living in the moment and creating a tailored experiences for the people I photograph. I see photographs in everything I do, whether I am holding a camera or not. Creating heirlooms, memorializing moments, and documenting pieces of happiness are what make me thrive. I love to guide my clients through the photography process in such an easy way that it reduces their stress in every part of the process.

I have a vast amount of experience that you won’t find anywhere else. I have been a photographer for 15 years and I am so happy to share my experience and knowledge with my clients, I’m an open book to you. I love the relationships I build with my clients and would be honored to speak with you about the photos you need. Just get in touch and I am happy to answer any of your questions.

Vallentyne Photography has been established in Southern California documenting couples, families, and people for 15 years. Our boutique natural light studio is in coastal Oceanside, California and we craft our images in the studio and on location. We exist to honor your memories with creativity and style, because every life story if significant and valuable.

Contact us and we will be there to answer all of your questions and help you figure out exactly what you need.