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I love doing engagement shoots. I feel like it really allows me to get to know my clients as a couple, and also how they feel about being in front of the camera! When I have done an engagement shoot before the wedding, the big day goes so much easier because they are already comfortable having their picture taken and are ready to have a little more fun! Also, since they have already seen how great the photos come out, they understand my direction as I shoot a little better which is a big plus.

As far as clothing goes for the shoot, I am not a big fan of the matching outfits but I do like outfits that go together. For instance, if you wear a classy dress and he wears a collared shirt in a similar color or tone. Or if you both wear jeans and he wears a sweater and you wear a cute top. Here is my advice on the clothes: you will have these pictures forever so try to make it timeless. No crazy prints or really trendy cuts of clothes and no logos on shirts…stuff like that. I also think it looks good to stay in either the dark or light end of the color spectrum. It doesn’t have to be black or white (although that looks good) but dark or light colors look better than all mid-tones because they look more contrast-y and defined. And of course, I love dresses on girls, it is so fun and feminine. It is also easy to slip into if you want to change your clothes quickly!

I hope that helps, if you have any questions that are more specific, please send me an email or leave a comment here!

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