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As you will see in my most recent post, I photographed Erica’s wedding on June 16, 2007 and we decided to have a photo shoot of Erica after the wedding. After all, it is so much fun to wear the wedding gown, why not put it on again?!?

I love the time I get in a wedding to shoot with the bride and groom. Especially when they have fun getting their pictures taken and we have a beautiful location. I think the only thing I always want more of is time!

Weddings, by nature, are always on a schedule and it is important for me to keep that schedule moving. So it seemed only natural to me that if we could do a shoot on another day with no time constraints, and use a location we would never get to go to on a wedding, we would get some beautiful shots. And of course, what bride doesn’t want to wear the dress again!

So here is Erica’s, bridal fashion shoot. These are available to any of my brides who want to put on that dress one more time!

This was taken in a forest where a controlled burn had taken place a few months previously. The ground and trees were still scorched but new green growth was beginning to peak through.
This presents a beautiful contrast while wearing a white wedding dress. We had so much fun and we’re so happy with the photos! Here are a few of my favorites. . .

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