Locations Guide

Here are a few examples of my favorite photo locations for you to choose from and see what they look like! Please get back to me with any questions, enjoy!

North County

Most of my primary sessions take place in North County, within about 10 miles of Oceanside. I am most familiar with this gorgeous area and have lots of suggestions.
North County sessions are included in my radius with no extra charge.

Morning or Sunset?

Beach sessions are often best at sunset because of the light direction for that beautiful glowing and golden backlit image.
If you would like to do a beach session in the morning, I recommend as close to ​sunrise as possible, unless we know it will be cloudy.
Most other locations with lots of beautiful trees are absolutely beautiful ​even later ​in the morning and can be a lot less crowded​ at that time, which can be preferable​.
If you have young children, they often do better with a morning session. Here are some of my favorite locations for morning sessions, we usually like to start around 8 to 9 a.m. at the latest.​ :)​
Favorite Morning locations:
Batiquitos Lagoon, Buena Vista Park, Hosp Grove Park, L​eo Carrillo Ranch​


Oceanside Harbor, North Jetty

The north jetty of the Oceanside Harbor is one of my favorite beaches to shoot at. There is plenty of parking, lots of great backgrounds, a beautiful jetty and sandy beach. I even did my own family photos here last year pictured in the first example!

Oceanside Harbor, South Jetty, North Coast Village

I love the low tides at the Oceanside harbor South Jetty, right next to North Coast Village. This is especially easy if your family is already vacationing at North Coast Village! Such a beautiful area with the biggest beach around, The Jetty rocks, the Lifeguard Tower, all of it is gorgeous for photos.

Carlsbad Point – Lagoon Trail – sunset

Full hour session only here because of the walking + shoes required! Carlsbad lagoon flowery trail to lagoon and beach, this is beautiful because it has so many options in a small area and it’s very uncrowded. We have the beach, the lagoon which provides a still water source that is reflective and really pretty for portraits, and a trail with the ocean in the background and cactus + flowers around the sides. This is a trail and involves a little walking + wearing comfy shoes.

Carlsbad family portraits

Carlsbad family portraits


Carlsbad family portraits


Buena Vista Park in Vista, morning, afternoon, or sunset

Absolutely beautiful and usually a sunny option if the beach is cloudy. This location has trails, eucalyptus trees, an open field, a pretty bridge, and big sprawling old oak trees.

This is a trail and we walk from spot to spot. In order to get all the way to the big oak trees and open field, we will need a full hour session.

Buena Vista Park


Batiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad, morning or sunset

A beautiful natural trail on the water, lots of trees–this is one of my favorites for a morning or late afternoon session.


Hosp Grove Park Eucalyptus Grove, morning or sunset

Hosp Grove winds through a huge grove of mature eucalyptus trees planted many years ago for the railroad industry. A pretty winding eucalyptus tree grove

The trees make for a gorgeous modern backdrop.

Hosp Grove Carlsbad

Carlsbad Park + Optional Beach Combo, morning or sunset

Historic park with a beachy old home with 1920’s porch, red barn, large grassy area, gardens-(this is really great for kids)
If you would like to add to beach, we can walk a block to the beach where there is a sandy beach, wood and stone retaining walls that are great for backdrops too. 
Carlsbad Family Portraits
Carlsbad Family Portraits
Carlsbad Family Portraits

Oceanside Pier, sunset

This iconic Oceanside location is perfect for visiting families and locals alike!
I love the palm trees, lifeguard stations, rocks, sand beach, as well as shooting on top of and under the Pier. This location also has easy parking and restrooms 🙂


Oceanside Strand

This is a little known spot I love in Oceanside that has lots of sandy beach, and not a lot of people on it. There are a few more background options there as well depending on the time of day we shoot including the Pier in the distance, lifeguard towers, palm trees, and adorable brightly painted beach cabins.
Oceanside Strand family photos_0026
Oceanside Strand family photos_0026
Oceanside Strand family photos_0026

South Carlsbad State Beach • Ponto, sunset

I always love photo sessions at Ponto! There is plenty of parking and lots of different beautiful beach elements for a variety of backgrounds.
I love the Sandy trail with East Coast sea grasses, The Lifeguard Towers, the cliffs in the distance, the rocky jetty, the options are endless.
Ponto - South Carlsbad State Beach photos
Ponto - South Carlsbad State Beach photos
Ponto - South Carlsbad State Beach photos

Leo Carrillo Ranch, Carlsbad

One of my favorite locations! This is a beautiful ranch in Carlsbad with trees, cactus, peacocks, ranch houses, colorful barns and adobe buildings. It has a lot to offer for a great diversity of backgrounds and beautiful light, all in one session!
Leo Carrillo Ranch Family Photos
Leo Carrillo Ranch Family Photos
Leo Carrillo Ranch Family Photos

Rancho Guajome Adobe

Rancho Guajome Adobe in East Oceanside/Vista- open fields, ranch fences, gardens, and historic home-  I love the variety here! Very easy parking too. The property depicts a unique example of vintage architecture built on an original California land grant.

La Costa greens, Presidio Park, morning or sunset

This beautiful location in Carlsbad (near Alga Norte) features lots of greenery, a small waterfall, a lake, a paved trail, as well as some really pretty Spanish architecture with brick. If you’re planning to dress more on the formal side, I think this would be a perfect option because of its elegance but it would be equally as beautiful dressed casually.
La Costa Greens Presidio Park

Outside North County- San Diego, East County or Orange County

I do offer sessions further away and have a few suggestions, although not as many as in North County due to familiarity. Traffic and travel time can be pretty extensive for these out of area spots, so if you would like a session outside of North County, there is a charge for locations over 20 min one way, please inquire as I will need to reserve a lot more time for the session. I love shooting all over though, and here are some of my favorites.
Los Jilgueros, Fallbrook, Scripps Pier, La Jolla, Balboa Park Cactus Garden, Mission San Juan Capistrano, Iron Mountain Hall of Trees,
Windansea Beach in La Jolla, and many more…

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