Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding Photography | Amanda + Josh

There is nothing I love more than working with local couples and discovering new and nearby places to shoot! Amanda and Josh discovered when they were driving down Coast Highway in Oceanside and they saw the sign for my studio! I knew from the moment Amanda contacted me that it was going to be a good fit- everything just clicked with style and personality and I loved working with this couple and their family. The Rancho Buena Vista Adobe is very close to my studio and I love discovering local historic venues for weddings. It was so beautiful there and I was so impressed by all the hard work the couple put into the decor and the details! Here are a few of my favorite images….feel free to pin or leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you! xo, Heather 1-760-672-2416 heather@vallentynephotography.com Vallentyne-Photography_0478.jpg

Vallentyne-Photography_0479.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0481.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0484.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0483.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0485.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0482.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0480.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0486.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0487.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0488.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0489.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0490.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0491.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0492.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0493.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0495.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0494.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0497.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0496.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0499.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0498.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0500.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0501.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0502.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0504.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0503.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0505.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0507.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0506.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0509.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0508.jpg

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