A Historic District San Juan Capistrano Wedding at the Hidden House Coffee Shop, Congratulations Azadeh & Jason!

Love Story:
“Turns out getting coffee at the same cute little coffee shop every week would eventually pay off…

Jason and I had no business meeting. From different states…living very different lives but on one fateful Sunday afternoon, I went to get ready for my school week at Hidden House Coffee like I did every weekend and Jason had been sent there by one of his friends because of their amazing coffee. I remember seeing Jay as I walked in and thinking, ‘I hope the seat across from him is empty when I come back because I wouldn’t mind looking at him while I work’. In fact, I may have sent that exact text to my best friend. She encouraged me to talk to him but I was in my Sunday best…a Yoshi t-shirt, yoga pants, and hair a mess! There was no way!!

But I got lucky! Jason had to go to the bathroom and he asked me to watch his stuff. Again my best friend encouraged me to talk to him. ‘When he comes back just talk about something!!’ I didn’t. He put his headphones back in and I was sure that was it. I went back to my book about decluttering life. Didn’t feel decluttered at that moment.

As chance may have it, an older woman came up and asked to borrow the chair across from me. I went to help her, but being the gentleman he is, Jason got up and took the chair down for her. This is it!!! Talk to him!! And this time, I did! About Taylor Swift… yep. Grown woman talking to a grown man about the Taylor Swift concert she’d been to the night before and why she was wearing TS plastic bracelets. This went on for a bit and he listened attentively. He really shouldn’t have. A ten-year-old girl may have been excited but Jason probably should have packed his stuff up and headed out. He didn’t. We got into other conversations and I remember him telling me he had 3 kids right away which led me to tell him about being a teacher.

Our conversation felt like it was coming to a close and I was worried I’d never see this guy again so I mustered up all the confidence I could in my messy hair and Yoshi t-shirt and suggested dinner spots in Laguna Beach. Like, strongly suggested! I was really hoping he needed an escort to these dinner spots…turned out he did.

Best date of my life…and don’t worry, I got fancy for dinner! I wouldn’t change anything about that day. Well, maybe I would have brushed my hair before heading to the coffee shop but those extra few minutes could have changed the whole course of the day. So, messy hair, the old lady needing a chair moved, and TS bracelet were all part of the bigger plan. They needed to happen so Jason and I could live happily ever after.

So little over a year and a half later…
Jason proposed to me in front of his three kids. I should have seen signs but my fiancé is one cool cucumber. He didn’t even make me leave when I needed one more shot of the coffee cup for Instagram. He said he knew if he rushed me, I’d realize something was up. So we were 20 minutes late and our poor photographer was hiding in the bushes waiting but I didn’t know! Punctuality is usually my thing. I thought we were just going to the park. And you can’t be late for a park.

He was posing the kids and I was so thankful he was helping me for once so I could take a picture of them. Little did I know he was setting them up. When he said “football pose” and all three kids went down on bended knee followed by Jason, I was truly surprised and ecstatic all at once. I don’t remember what Jason said as he was down on bended knee. He could have been asking me to do his laundry for the rest of our lives! All I knew was that the right answer was a loud, “YESSSSSS!” Wearing cat ears, a glitter unicorn tattoo, and plenty of sparkles…I said yes to the love of my life. At least this time I wasn’t in my Yoshi t-shirt! I can’t wait to be Jason’s wife and “bonus mom” to three artsy, funny, lovable, smart kids. Life has a funny way of working out. Never thought the porch of a little yellow coffee shop would change my life forever, but it has taken me on the greatest adventure of my life. “

Wedding Venue:
The Hidden House Coffee Shop, San Juan Capistrano, Los Rios Historic District – This was such a cool venue! Here is the perfect descriptive quote I found by Neighborhood Creative.

“Nestled behind the California Amtrak in the Historic District of San Juan Capistrano, Hidden House Coffee Roasters serves as both a communal ground and a slow living staple in Orange County. Considered a neighborhood oasis, Hidden House offers a break from daily motion; a resting station in our race to finish the day.”

Star Vendors:
Coordinator: The bride!
Caterer: Chick-fil-A
Florist: Melia Carlson
Violinist: Cyrus Hwang
Cake: Hidden House
Wedding Dress: Vera Wang
Groom’s Attire: Vera Wang
Groomsmen Attire: Vera Wang
Rings: Joseph Jewelry

My Favorite Moment:
Walking around with the couple afterwards for photos was a blast! And the whole ceremony was touching, sweet, unique, and hilarious! I seriously loved working with these two!

What they said about us:
“I literally just sat down and showed all the pictures to my mom! You did an AMAZING job capturing all the moments in our wedding. Jason and I are so happy with the photos. I have used a couple for our first family Christmas card. 🙂 You were so easy to work with and really understood what I wanted through the whole day. Thank you for that!”

“I truly would not change a thing. You did a great job capturing the moments before Jason and I saw each other and then once we started the ceremony. We are so happy with all the pictures of the kids and the group photo of every person there is one of my favorites. I never would have thought to do that. I love that you were able to capture this important moment in our lives so magically. I will tell EVERYONE how amazing you are and recommend you constantly. 🙂 “

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