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Ashley David Design is a boutique design firm in San Diego California. This creative team has been rejuvenating home and workspaces for the last 15 years and it was time to capture updated headshots for the company. I am so impressed not only by their work, but by the team Ashley David has created. It’s always fun for a photographer to work with another team of creatives, they intrinsically understand the vision and they know what they are looking for creatively! I love the headshots for the entire team and the group photos we got for the website and social media content. It’s always my honor to interview businesses I work with and share more about what they do. Let me introduce you to Ashley of Ashley David Design!
Hi! I am Ashley Haase, the founder of Ashley David Design, a boutique firm specializing in design for both work and home spaces. After 20 years in the industry, I truly believe that the best designs are the result of excellent collaboration between our team and our clients. I am passionate about unexpected spaces, making the old new again, and bringing inspiration into everyday spaces via home & work. I grew up in the furniture industry, exploring design through living and traveling all over the world. Each person met, place visited and thing curated has contributed to my unique design approach that centers fully around what each individual project calls for. It’s important to me that my team works in full partnership together to deliver awesome results while focusing on function first and then all the feel and flair. I strive daily towards the firm’s core values of flexibility, integrity, transparency, excellence, accountability, empathy, growth, and resilience. We truly LOVE the design work we do.

Q. What are your social media handles? What website would you like us to link to (please let me know if you have any freebies or launches you’d like us to talk about)?

Q. What does your company do? What makes your service or product unique or notable?

A. For 15 years, Ashley David Design has been rejuvenating home and workspaces across the US. Our approach centers around being accessible, flexible & transparent while providing detailed organization & execution. We believe in the magic of well-implemented, beautiful design and the energy it creates for your space. Our style is focused in small, uniquely personal ways to each project that tells the client’s story. Our expertise lies in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with all the feel and flair while keeping function as our top pillar.

Q. What inspired you to create your business? Is there anything about the clients you serve that you were drawn to, or is there anything about the impact that you’d like to have that you’d like to share?

A. My initial introduction to this business stemmed from my upbringing in a family deeply entrenched in the furniture industry, igniting my interest in this field. However, my attraction lies in the energy cultivated within spaces we frequent the most, be it work or home, as they hold significance in curating and enhancing our surroundings. The thought behind this passion is simple: when enveloped in a space that uplifts us, we can express our best selves and positive energy into the world. At the heart of our business, our clients play an integral role. They aren’t solely clients; instead, they become our collaborative partners, contributing thoughts and ideas as we lead on the journey of making their space uniquely theirs.

Q. Are there books that you’d recommend to people in your niche or books that you just generally love?

A. A book I love for personal and business is: How To Be Here By: Rob Bell. Rob gives you the support and insight you need to silence your critics, move from idea to action, take the first step, find joy in the work, persevere through hard times, and surrender to the outcome. It has helped me with the insight “be where your feet are” which essentially explains to be in the moment with each endeavor you are tackling. This allows me to be a great Mother, Wife, Friend, Business Owner.

Q. Are there any resources or assets (things like software or courses) that have really helped you uplevel your business?

A. I’m naturally an information hound, I love learning new things by usually listening to podcasts, reading books, quotes on social media etc. The bones of my resources come from the thought that atomic habits are what create a life you’re proud of. A quote I love by Marie Forlio “You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is figureoutable.”

Q. What would you say is the main thing that has helped you to grow in your business. This could be a personality trait, an event, a mindset, etc.

A. I would say creating a small village around you, especially for successful women in entrepreneurship, she usually has a village around her helping her be able to focus on the task at hand. This looks different for everyone but for me having a live-in nanny, full time assistant, and amazing hands on husband, I am able to focus on my business and help it grow because I trust the people around me to take care of things when I am working. A few quotes I live by that have helped my mindset are: “Work Smarter Not Harder” “ Start Before You’re Ready” “Progress Not Perfection.”

Q. If you started your business over today, what would you focus on first to help you grow?

A. I would focus on people and connections, having a community of people that believe in you is what makes a thriving business. I once heard a piece of advice in networking to never walk away from a conversation with someone without a contact for another connection. Something else that comes to mind is sharing your ideas out loud and showing your vulnerability about your ideas, the right person may be listening.

Q. What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

A. Always remember the why and what of what you are trying to cultivate, this will always be relevant when you are in the hustle and bustle of it all. Remain true to yourself and why you started in the first place, and you will always know why you are working so hard, when times get rough.

Q. What is your favorite mantra?

A. Less Force, More Flow and Observe Don’t Absorb. Both of these are essential when your work involves personal energy. When you allow things to flow and not force partnerships, client’s etc. you are able to be authentic and focus on what really matters. Also by observing and not absorbing, you are able to fulfill your life’s meaning naturally, it’s very easy to have your energy be blocked by others energies so it’s important to be mindful of this!

Q. What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to doing a personal brand shoot?

A. I would say motivating the team and empowering them to feel comfortable in front of a camera to show our true personalities. For those who aren’t used to being in front of a camera this can be tricky!

Q. What changed after getting your images?

A. Great photos show the energy of the team, and reminds you of the fun and joy created together. It’s impossible to not see the light and confidence in a beautiful photo to remind you, you are a badass! What I loved is how you can see each different personality in our group photos and how much we absolutely adore each other. Our time together was an absolute blast, and you could almost feel the excitement building towards our epic holiday party, where we jumped on couches and sang until the early hours of the morning – a memory that still brings a smile to my face!

Q. What specific results can you share?

A. We loved the results of the photos, they really show our brand and our personality. It looks amazing on our website and overall it was a great team bonding experience! We had so much fun and laughed the whole time!

Q. What would you say to somebody on the fence about booking a shoot?

A. Absolutely go for it! Our team loved this experience as it brought us closer, boosted our confidence, and authentically showcased our brand culture. Also the guidance on positioning removed any uncertainty or difficulty, making the process incredibly smooth and enjoyable!

Q. Anything else to add?

A. We have a showcase of the photos taken on our website:
Thank you so much Ashley! I truly enjoyed working with your business and wish you lots of success this year!

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