Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Photography | Whitney + Evan

A Hotel Del Coronado wedding with Susanne Duffy of Crown Weddings is always a dream event and Whitney and Evan’s wedding was no exception!! It was a beautiful Spring day and the vibrant flowers by Bethany Falefitu of Splendid Sentiments were romantic and elegant on the wide expanse of sandy beach, the perfect setting for a dream wedding. The entire day was perfect and full of happiness and the reception was full of fun, laughter and amazing music by N’Demand– by far one of the best wedding bands I have seen! I feel so lucky to have worked with Whitney and Evan on this special day- I can see how perfect they are for each other and wish them many, many years of happiness together!

Here are a few of my favorite images….feel free to pin or leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you! xo, Heather 1-760-672-2416 Vallentyne-Photography_0751.jpg

Vallentyne-Photography_0752.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0750.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0753.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0749.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0755.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0754.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0758.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0756.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0760.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0757.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0761.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0759.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0762.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0763.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0764.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0765.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0766.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0767.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0768.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0769.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0771.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0770.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0772.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0773.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0774.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0775.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0776.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0777.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0778.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0779.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0780.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0781.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0783.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0782.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0784.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0785.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0786.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0788.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0790.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0792.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0791.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0793.jpg Vallentyne-Photography_0794.jpg

Coordinator, Susanne Duffy of Crown Weddings Caterer + Venue, Hotel Del Coronado Florist, Bethany Falefitu- Splendid Sentiments Ceremony musicians, Michael Gonzales Band/dj, N’Demand Cake, Cake Stationer, Courtney- Brightly Designs Hair, Leah Christensen,Groomer Girl Make-up, Leah Christensen,Groomer Girl Bridal gown, Ann Barge Bridesmaid dresses, Jim Helm Groom’s attire, Assortment Groomsmen attire, Assortment Rings, Continental Diamond in Minnesota

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